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What makes WordPress Most Reliable Blogging/CMS Platform?

What makes the WordPress the most trustworthy and one of most famous Platform for placing your valuable content? Back in 2003 Matt Mullenweg introduced the world with a simple platform for blogging.

A first look on WordPress 3.0 Beta

WordPress 3.0 beta is here to testing, the core purpose of giving out the early version of it to have reviews from the users. This update has come up with lot of innovative features which will help WordPress to survive longer as compare to other Blogging Platform. After the installation you will see the same interface […]

WordPress 3.0: Merging of WordPress and WordPress MU

Hey WordPress lovers, you might have heard the great news about the coming WordPress 3.0 at 1st May. However WordPress 3.0 beta 1 is available now to download and test.  The new updated version received pretty good attention on default theme as well. What’s special about this update is the merger of WordPress and WordPress […]

WordPress: How to place ad slot after first post only

WordPress Plugins are one of most easy way to integrate any outer stuff in your blog, but if you have inspiration about the script of your need then why go for Plug-in. however installing lots of Plug-ins are also not healthy for your site. So always have a preference of simple scripts instead of Plugins […]

10 WordPress Displaying Codes you must know

No denial, customizing a WordPress theme is no more hectic work; thanks to those bloggers those have given scripts on their blogs free of cost. But if you are willing to design a theme on your own or wants little extra customization in your blog, here are few WP hacks which you must know in […]

12 Free Black WordPress Themes

In this roundup we will cover few of Free WordPress themes which fall in the Black color category only. Most of these themes are easy to navigate and good to use. Do give them a try for your blog and since these are free to use and you can do modifications as well but keep […]

List Parent categories only in list and in drop down menu, WordPress

Displaying all Categories in list style format makes it easier to navigate on site and make more search engine friendly as search robot keep sliding on links given on side bar. But when the list of categories gets so much big to display and it ruins your site’s layout style, it is not worthy to […]

Integrate Google Buzz sharing on your WordPress, and be more socialist

Google buzz seems to be last chance for Google to take part in social web to compete twitter and Facebook. And luckily till yet it’s not going bad and being picked up by most of bloggers and sites everyday as they found it interesting like twitter. But the point is, for how long it is […]

WordPress for Android is available now

WordPress is one of most famous and most using open source application which helps lot of people to publish their work and art. When it comes to professional blogging, a blogger needs to post twice or thrice a day often. So here comes the idea of communication on the go, means accessing blog’s admin panel […]

WordPress 2.9, with more built-in functions

Few years back having a blog was not that easy as it is today. Now all you have to do is to just access the site such as wordpress.com and make account in simple steps and you are good to go. You don’t have to be web designer or graphic designer, and with hosting on […]