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How to plan a Successful Blog Startup

Before getting start with my site CIETRO I asked myself lot of questions, like how to launch it appropriately and in a successive approach. My experiences with my preceding sites were not truly that good monetarily but I also accept my social media mistakes, and of course I had to learn a lot from those […]

Twitter Feature, “You Both Follow”

Twitter just rolled out a number of new features recently; including its own url shorten “t.co” and “Who to follow”. In June, Twitter was testing a feature called “You Both Follow”, but it was limited to only few lucky users. After that, it was not seen on the network, but now in august it is […]

5 Facebook Tips for Web Nerds

If you are a blogger or any site owner, you must be having a Facebook Profile as well along a Fan Page on Facebook. Keeping your Facebook identity useful for increasing contacts and gaining more site traffic through Fan Page is what every person like you wants. However keeping your privacy is also what matters. […]

Twitter is rolling out new homepage

Twitter, the biggest micro blogging site on the internet is rolling out new homepage. The news has been confirmed from Twitter on its official blog but the glimpse of new homepage has been witnessed by only some people on internet as the new design is not accessible to everyone yet. The homepage for normal visitors, […]

The bird has grown up, Happy 4th birthday Twitter

The famous cute little blue bird, known as Twitter, has just turned 4.  The micro-blogging service Twitter, which changed the way of social networking, was started just 4 years before when its co-founder Jack Dorsey sent his first tweet “just setting up my twttr” at 12:50 pm Pacific time, with his fellows Evan Williams, Biz […]

Sync your Twitter with Facebook and display tweets on your Blog

To become a successful blogger you need to be more and more socialist on social web. Because most of traffic comes to your network from social networks and it all depends on your activities going on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. It will be easy for you to promote your site […]

Integrate Google Buzz sharing on your WordPress, and be more socialist

Google buzz seems to be last chance for Google to take part in social web to compete twitter and Facebook. And luckily till yet it’s not going bad and being picked up by most of bloggers and sites everyday as they found it interesting like twitter. But the point is, for how long it is […]

Google comes up with Google buzz, say hey to new social friend

Social communities and social sharing tools are one of most popular thing on web to talk about. Facebook was started 6 years back and marked 400 million users just because of its features which facilitate the users to share their stuff online. The esteem of social web can be understood by the usage of twitter […]

Facebook hits 400 million users on its 6th birthday

Facebook has just turned 6 this 5th February and having 400 million users on its network from all over the world.  The most attention-grabbing point is that just 5 months ago, Facebook was having 300 million users and just after couple of months ago Facebook hit 350 million users. It’s almost smashing record, because on […]