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SEO: Site speed matters in Google Search Rankings

Google has announced that site speed is now a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, and is already in action for Google.com results. From last November, Google was expected to think of this policy, but today Google has officially announced it on its blog. This new principle is not slanted much, and only 1% of total […]

Things to do with .htaccess codes

Search Engine Optimization matters a lot in every website, and keeps your sites on the top from the WWW pool of same sites. With the help of .htaccess you can easily redirect your visitors, hide page extensions and can increase the site security. Not only this, .htaccess also helps you a lot to make your […]

SEO tips for News sites

In this video released on Google webmaster central channel, Google have briefly presented how Googlebot crawl any news site and how google rank news according to preference, keywords, locality and other factors. If you are running any news site, I believe this video have lot of things for you to understand.