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[RUMOR] Should Microsoft buy Nokia Mobile Unit?

Yesterday a blog post by Russian blogger Edlar Murtazin broke the news of Microsoft’s interest in the buying Nokia’s mobile unit. The story is still just a rumor and couldn’t be verified by Nokia or Microsoft Officials.  Also keep in mind, Edlar has the history of strong predictions about Nokia and its business deals, like […]

HTML5 and CSS3 here you go, IE9 is about to come

The web is changing rapidly where newer technologies are making their way in and out. The dream of having internet with blazing speeds has came true, but to lesser the page loading time, alternative and advanced technologies can be used. Such as there was a time, when designers had to design lots of tables in […]

Finally, MSN with new design is going Live, for all

MSN has finally decided, and took step to make its new design go live. However it’s pretty late and Yahoo stole hell much attention in this time span as MSN’s old design was not interesting and didn’t change so much from last decade. It was rumored that, MSN is working on new design but its […]