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An Ultimate CSS Boilerplate for Your Next Responsive Design

Designing your next website? Is it future ready? Designing a responsive web design isn’t a rocket science and retina images shouldn’t scare you if you know your CSS. Here I’m sharing a simple CSS boilerplate from my library that I pretty much use every time for my responsive web design projects. Thanks to the CSS […]

Cross Browser Issues: Detect iPad users through user agent script

Overcoming the cross browser issues is always a challenge for web designers. For this reason, most of the designers prefer to have distinctive layout for various devices. But to switch the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) file for users coming to your board according to their devices, you need to know the visitor’s platform and device […]

How much your site’s design matters?

Every time when we google something, thousands of different websites comes in front of us with different styles, themes, icons, color pattern and other effects. But not of every of them got attraction as some of them do. Sometimes we skip the site and don’t even view it completely to find what we have been […]

Write your first CSS Script

Css is style language tool which is used to add layout to the websites and give it awesome look with out working too much. Before designing any website we concentrate on company logo colors or clients or our own choice. What if after some times logo colors changes? Do we have to redesign all website? […]