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How to plan a Successful Blog Startup

Before getting start with my site CIETRO I asked myself lot of questions, like how to launch it appropriately and in a successive approach. My experiences with my preceding sites were not truly that good monetarily but I also accept my social media mistakes, and of course I had to learn a lot from those […]

Tips for Successful Blogging

Blogging has made publishing very easy and one doesn’t have to go through all the stress of waiting for replies from publishers or websites’ owners. All you need is a simple blogging platform, and you are good to go. When you are starting out as a blogger, you may not like the problems and stress which […]

Tumblr Application for Android

Tumblr is a quick and simple blogging tool which let you share anything, including Text Post, Link, Music Tracks and videos. You can access it from your Desktop, Phone and even Email. The best thing about Tumblr is its simplicity.

Why Mashable rules on internet?

Mashable was initiated by Pete Cashmore in July 2005, and now it is one of best and most visiting blog on internet. TIME has already named it in top 25 blogs. The Blog is ruling the internet with nearly 15 million page views every month and Pete Cashmore’s followers have been exceeded to 1,982,000. The […]

Blogger Template Designer; design your Blog within minutes

If we say Google’s Blogger was the one who set the trend of blogging, it will be correct. Latter on lots of blogging tools came and replaced it and got people attraction as they were easy to customize and Open source. Actually people love to have customization facilities in their websites and tools. That’s why […]

Value of WordPress in your Project’s News section or Blog

Customizing any open source application is really fun if you are good with playing in strings and plug-ins, same is in WordPress, which is an open source and available with thousands of free themes and plugins on internet. If you are interested then you can design on your own just after some research, depends on […]

Twitter to re-consider its security policy

Twitter is a basically micro-blogging site which allows its users to read and send simple text messages containing 140 characters maximum known as tweets on its network. User can also operate his/her account through sms updates which is one of main reason that twitter is having millions of fans. Twitter is a quick way for […]