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Guide: How to make custom Ringtone for iPhone

There are thousands of sites out there offering free mp3 ringtones for your mobile phones, and those are pretty easy to install on the phone. All you need is to plug your phone to computer or connect to internet to download the ringtone. But iPhone doesn’t allow you to enjoy custom ringtones with such ease. […]

Now Experience WordPress on iPad

As expected, with the availability of iPad in Market the stream of applications launching has been started and new and new things are lining up. That’s right guys, WordPress for iPad is available. It’s actually WordPress 2.4 for iPhone but compatible to iPad as well as its first edition. In the first version of WordPress […]

Buzzie makes the entry for Google Buzz in App Store

What attracts the most for iPhone development is its collection of developed applications, which reveals that there are extensive possibilities in iPhone applications development. Buzzie is an iPhone Client for Google Buzz developed by Alberto García Hierro, which allows the users to receive messages from the following people, Commenting, Exploring Images and links in attachments […]

WordPress for iPhone version 2.2 on App Store

After two launches of WordPress Mobile Apps updates in recent days in short span of time, now iPhone got an update. According to WordPress official site its 2.2 version has been approved from Apple and now available to download.

Location-based ads get ban from Apple for iPhone Apps

Apple has warned application developers that in case their application uses location information to let advertisers to targets ads on users location. Such application will be revisit to developer for amendment before it get place on App store by App Store review team.

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