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Stumble on the Go, StumbleUpon App for iPhone and Android phones

If you are a regular stumbler, then there is good news for you. Now you can Stumble your favorite pages on the Go, with newly launched StumbleUpon app for iPhone and Android Phones. With this app, you will experience almost the same experience which you do on your desktop.

Download Flash 10.1 final version from Android Market

The Android version of Flash 10.1 is finally out of beta and can be downloaded from the Android Market. Unfortunately, for now, only Nexus One users are able to grab it from Android Market.

TweetDeck Android Beta 2 is available to Download

Hey Android users out there. If you are following TweetDeck on twitter, you might have seen the tweet announcing Android TweetDeck Beta Update 2.

Tumblr Application for Android

Tumblr is a quick and simple blogging tool which let you share anything, including Text Post, Link, Music Tracks and videos. You can access it from your Desktop, Phone and even Email. The best thing about Tumblr is its simplicity.

Droid Incredible to get Android Froyo on August 18

Hey Android Fans, have you heard the Good news. Well if not, here it is. It has been revealed that Android 2.2 Froyo over-the-air update for Droid Incredible will start rolling out on 18th of this August.

Control your Android Phone with Voice Actions

The Voice Actions Feature for Android is introduced recently by Google at a Special Android Event. As the name suggests, this feature enables the user to control the phone via voice.

Android Fringsters, Fring is here with new look and lot more

Fring is one of most popular application nowadays, because it provides lots of features in just one application such as user can sign in to his/her Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, Skype etc, at the same time. And after its 1st mobile internet video call it made more people to test its application. If you are Android […]

Android fans; Opera Mini 5 beta for Android is here

Opera Mini 5 (beta) for Android been announced and available for download by Opera Software. Opera browser is one of most famous browsers and mobile applications developers’ alternative. In this update from Opera Mini 4 to Opera Mini 5, lot of features has been introduced which will make browser experience more handy on Android. Opera […]

WordPress for Android is available now

WordPress is one of most famous and most using open source application which helps lot of people to publish their work and art. When it comes to professional blogging, a blogger needs to post twice or thrice a day often. So here comes the idea of communication on the go, means accessing blog’s admin panel […]