Here at TechCline we value our readers and their privacy. However for maintaining site and security purpose we do need to pull together information of our visitors.

Personal Information

We collect personal information especially when you make your information known, such as by commenting or registering on TechCline. If you do not make yourself known to TehCline, your use of our content and site services is usually anonymous and we will only track your IP Address, OS Details and Browser Info. All information is stored for the sole purpose of personalizing your experience on the site. We store your information stored but keep it limited to our servers and don’t share it with any 3rd Party.

How we use your Information

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Comment Policy

We don’t censor comments based on political or ideological point of view or of a critical nature, unless it is important for us to delete. And we reserve the right to delete those comments that are not related to topic, spammy by the nature or contain abusive language.

Third Party Policy

Please note, third party’s web sites that have link on our site may also collect or use information about you, such as Google and its Services. To understand their Privacy Policy, please navigate to the following links.