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Control your Android Phone with Voice Actions

The Voice Actions Feature for Android is introduced recently by Google at a Special Android Event. As the name suggests, this feature enables the user to control the phone via voice. Read more »

Brand Building through Web Design

What makes a person a good designer? Having a good taste in colors and playing with them or making the useless picture into an appealing advertising stuff is an art, and this talent comes naturally. You can coach a person, how to have a great command on designing tools, and how to use brushes, but can’t edify a person how to express your emotions or message into graphics, as it is up to a person who is sketching the picture. If one hates yellow color, a designer can make same color notable for that person, because a true designer knows how to turn colors into an appealing looks along its shades. Read more »

5 Facebook Tips for Web Nerds

If you are a blogger or any site owner, you must be having a Facebook Profile as well along a Fan Page on Facebook. Keeping your Facebook identity useful for increasing contacts and gaining more site traffic through Fan Page is what every person like you wants. However keeping your privacy is also what matters. In this article we will discuss some of tips and mistakes which we most of us do make on Facebook.

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10 Quick Tips for Oral Presentation

In this article, we will cover some few quick tips for a normal oral presentation which might be helpful to you in case you consider Oral Presentation as a tricky chore.

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Cross Browser Issues: Detect iPad users through user agent script

Overcoming the cross browser issues is always a challenge for web designers. For this reason, most of the designers prefer to have distinctive layout for various devices. But to switch the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) file for users coming to your board according to their devices, you need to know the visitor’s platform and device information. iPad is the device, which recently came in market and believes to be a popular device among internet users like normal Netbooks, especially for those want to experience the internet on the go.   Read more »

SEO: Site speed matters in Google Search Rankings

Google has announced that site speed is now a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, and is already in action for Google.com results. From last November, Google was expected to think of this policy, but today Google has officially announced it on its blog. This new principle is not slanted much, and only 1% of total results are affected in early execution. Read more »

Things to do with .htaccess codes

Search Engine Optimization matters a lot in every website, and keeps your sites on the top from the WWW pool of same sites. With the help of .htaccess you can easily redirect your visitors, hide page extensions and can increase the site security. Not only this, .htaccess also helps you a lot to make your web page’s link more search engine friendly which is need of every business. In this article we will cover some of most demanding .htaccess codes which you might be looking for, from long time.

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A first look on WordPress 3.0 Beta

WordPress 3.0 beta is here to testing, the core purpose of giving out the early version of it to have reviews from the users. This update has come up with lot of innovative features which will help WordPress to survive longer as compare to other Blogging Platform. After the installation you will see the same interface with some minor changes in default dashboard and main site. Read more »

WordPress 3.0: Merging of WordPress and WordPress MU

Hey WordPress lovers, you might have heard the great news about the coming WordPress 3.0 at 1st May. However WordPress 3.0 beta 1 is available now to download and test.  The new updated version received pretty good attention on default theme as well. What’s special about this update is the merger of WordPress and WordPress MU (multi-user). Read more »

Now Experience WordPress on iPad

As expected, with the availability of iPad in Market the stream of applications launching has been started and new and new things are lining up. That’s right guys, WordPress for iPad is available. It’s actually WordPress 2.4 for iPhone but compatible to iPad as well as its first edition. In the first version of WordPress for iPad, WordPress didn’t add up anything specific but you can enjoy all features on iPad’s big screen which you were able to enjoy on WordPress 2.3 for iPhone. Read more »