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Buzzie makes the entry for Google Buzz in App Store

What attracts the most for iPhone development is its collection of developed applications, which reveals that there are extensive possibilities in iPhone applications development. Buzzie is an iPhone Client for Google Buzz developed by Alberto García Hierro, which allows the users to receive messages from the following people, Commenting, Exploring Images and links in attachments […]

Sync your Twitter with Facebook and display tweets on your Blog

To become a successful blogger you need to be more and more socialist on social web. Because most of traffic comes to your network from social networks and it all depends on your activities going on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. It will be easy for you to promote your site […]

Integrate Google Buzz sharing on your WordPress, and be more socialist

Google buzz seems to be last chance for Google to take part in social web to compete twitter and Facebook. And luckily till yet it’s not going bad and being picked up by most of bloggers and sites everyday as they found it interesting like twitter. But the point is, for how long it is […]

Google comes up with Google buzz, say hey to new social friend

Social communities and social sharing tools are one of most popular thing on web to talk about. Facebook was started 6 years back and marked 400 million users just because of its features which facilitate the users to share their stuff online. The esteem of social web can be understood by the usage of twitter […]

Facebook hits 400 million users on its 6th birthday

Facebook has just turned 6 this 5th February and having 400 million users on its network from all over the world.  The most attention-grabbing point is that just 5 months ago, Facebook was having 300 million users and just after couple of months ago Facebook hit 350 million users. It’s almost smashing record, because on […]

Twitter to re-consider its security policy

Twitter is a basically micro-blogging site which allows its users to read and send simple text messages containing 140 characters maximum known as tweets on its network. User can also operate his/her account through sms updates which is one of main reason that twitter is having millions of fans. Twitter is a quick way for […]