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GoDaddy will be no longer providing Chinese domains, what’s next?

GoDaddy, world’s largest domain registrar with more than 40 million domains on its board, will not be registering .cn domains in future. The factors concerning in it for GoDaddy to make such a move, might be those policies which Chinese government introduced in last December, according to which one needs to submit complete business identification, […]

Google Corporate pages in Chinese, Hacked or what?

Just couple of days ago, Google stopped its operations for Google.cn; the possibilities of termination might be those cyber attacks which were made by bunch of hackers from China, or the problems which Google were having with Chinese Government. Google was extremely criticized yesterday in China, because of its move. Now at this morning, pretty […]

Google.cn is not available, but Baidu is

Baidu is most popular search engine in China with 8th rank on Alexa and 1st in China. The only competitor of it, Google, is out of its way leaving Baidu with immense opportunity to pull Google fans as well. Baidu is a Chinese Search Engine for websites and other media files including mp3 and videos, […]

And the Google says bye to Google.cn, Google China is no longer available

Google at their official blog have stated that they will no longer be operating Google.cn and all traffic is redirecting to Google.com.hk. Is this a response to those attacks which Google has been facing from China or the problems which Google was having with Chinese Government? This news didn’t come as big bomb shell as […]

HTML5 and CSS3 here you go, IE9 is about to come

The web is changing rapidly where newer technologies are making their way in and out. The dream of having internet with blazing speeds has came true, but to lesser the page loading time, alternative and advanced technologies can be used. Such as there was a time, when designers had to design lots of tables in […]

Blogger Template Designer; design your Blog within minutes

If we say Google’s Blogger was the one who set the trend of blogging, it will be correct. Latter on lots of blogging tools came and replaced it and got people attraction as they were easy to customize and Open source. Actually people love to have customization facilities in their websites and tools. That’s why […]

Get ready web, Mozilla is here with something new called Account Manager

Your online Identity such as an Email address or user name is gateway to ultimate resources, and lets you access your social community accounts and emails. Have you ever wondered, it’s such a long time that we people are using the similar way to access our accounts and logging into sites; opening site and enter […]

Finally, MSN with new design is going Live, for all

MSN has finally decided, and took step to make its new design go live. However it’s pretty late and Yahoo stole hell much attention in this time span as MSN’s old design was not interesting and didn’t change so much from last decade. It was rumored that, MSN is working on new design but its […]

Launching of Google Apps Marketplace, cloud experience gets easier

Google has always proved itself as a superior of internet world, and never stay back in any inspiration. As we have seen its successful entry in social web with Google Buzz now it might be next successful entry for Google in Applications’ Store as the rumored Google App Marketplace has been Official now. It’s an […]

Buzzie makes the entry for Google Buzz in App Store

What attracts the most for iPhone development is its collection of developed applications, which reveals that there are extensive possibilities in iPhone applications development. Buzzie is an iPhone Client for Google Buzz developed by Alberto García Hierro, which allows the users to receive messages from the following people, Commenting, Exploring Images and links in attachments […]