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Guide: How to Switch Web Hosting

The downtime and slow response time of the site always lead the web site owners into enormous troubles including financial hammering and brand repute also get disturbed because of it. Choosing a reliable and uptime promising service is what you need for your business. In case you are sick of the site downtime causing by […]

Google acquires Visual Shopping Search Engine Like.com

According to the official post published on Like.com, The Company has been acquired by the Google. Like.com is a visual search and price comparison engine, and was launched in 2006 by the founder of Riya; Mujal Shah.

Cross Browser Issues: Detect iPad users through user agent script

Overcoming the cross browser issues is always a challenge for web designers. For this reason, most of the designers prefer to have distinctive layout for various devices. But to switch the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) file for users coming to your board according to their devices, you need to know the visitor’s platform and device […]

SEO: Site speed matters in Google Search Rankings

Google has announced that site speed is now a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, and is already in action for Google.com results. From last November, Google was expected to think of this policy, but today Google has officially announced it on its blog. This new principle is not slanted much, and only 1% of total […]

Things to do with .htaccess codes

Search Engine Optimization matters a lot in every website, and keeps your sites on the top from the WWW pool of same sites. With the help of .htaccess you can easily redirect your visitors, hide page extensions and can increase the site security. Not only this, .htaccess also helps you a lot to make your […]

Now Experience WordPress on iPad

As expected, with the availability of iPad in Market the stream of applications launching has been started and new and new things are lining up. That’s right guys, WordPress for iPad is available. It’s actually WordPress 2.4 for iPhone but compatible to iPad as well as its first edition. In the first version of WordPress […]

Gmail marked its 6th birthday

Gmail, the one of most popular email service on internet has just marked its 6th birthday. Gmail in actual is more than email service as it provides lots of other features which other don’t. Gmail was started 6 year back at the 1st April 2004 with beta version, and only can be joined by email […]

YouTube has introduced new design

YouTube has just changed its design for video viewing page. The new look is not visible to every user yet, but some people are enjoying it already. The new design is expected to be online for all users in next couple of hours as YouTube has confirmed it to make it accessible for all users. […]

Google to improve its Web based Chat System

Google has finally introduced something exciting for its web based chat system. Now the Google users can transfer files as well, during web based chat, without accessing their email account or using any chat client such as Google Talk. With new features introduced, users can start Video Chat, Voice Chat, and Group Chat as well. […]

Another innovative luminous look, Welcome to all new TechCline

Welcome to all new TechCline, the new design has been uploaded finally in early hours of today. TechCline was started couple of months back and it is a 3rd design which TechCline is using now. The cause of varying the theme was to improve the Site’s SEO policy, attracting more visitors, and utilizing my skills […]