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5 Common Challenges in Freelancing

No denial, freelancing is fun and charismatic thing when it comes to initiate your carrier in it.  But as soon you get deeper and deeper into it and opt it as your prime source of earning, you begin to realize the hurdles and challenges of it one by one.

The Art of Hunting Projects via Job Boards

The number of sites showcasing freelance job boards is getting enhance with pace and it’s almost impossible to maintain a profile on every single famous job board site. The sites including Elance, Freelancer,Odesk, GetACoder, RentACoder among others are still on the top and showcasing wide variety of projects. Hunting a project on such sites is […]

10 Quick Tips for Oral Presentation

In this article, we will cover some few quick tips for a normal oral presentation which might be helpful to you in case you consider Oral Presentation as a tricky chore.