The Art of Hunting Projects via Job Boards

by Saad Irfan

The number of sites showcasing freelance job boards is getting enhance with pace and it’s almost impossible to maintain a profile on every single famous job board site. The sites including Elance, Freelancer,Odesk, GetACoder, RentACoder among others are still on the top and showcasing wide variety of projects. Hunting a project on such sites is always a difficult and sometimes a disappointing task for new comers, as they are not familiar with hunting art.

Maintain a healthy and a modest Profile

The basic thing which you need to get start or to hunt for freelance project via job boards is to have a healthy and modest profile on the site. Your profile reveals your online reputation as your employers always give review about your recital, and you don’t have any room of any mistake there. It is better to have no profile than having bad reputed profile. Do include your recent projects, according to site terms and conditions and also write your specialties visibly.

Narrow your search with precise terms

Before getting start with your search for projects, write down your specialties. It will lesser the time span for searching part. Don’t include your expertise in which you are not experienced enough as you have to be very professional in making and maintaining your profile. Don’t include your private contact or private email address in the profile, even if you are permitted to add according to site policy. It will lead you to many troubles in case something goes off beam. That is why I mentioned, be modest while composing your profile. Arrange a separate email address and include your secondary contact number if you want to have it.

Came across some ideal projects? Can you do it?

Once you have came across some ideal projects, go through every single word of the job post and make sure none of assignment is out of your expertise. Don’t bid for any project in case you are not entirely confident about it, no matter you having bad timings in hunting any project. Bidding for the projects you have not experienced of, will only lead you to have a profile full of bad reviews.

Do some spy job to avoid disturbing employer

Another essential step you should take is to check employer’s profile for his recent offers and reviews. Don’t bother to bid for the project in case you have found any bad review or didn’t like his profile. Doing some spy job is only way to avoid disturbing clients, as you will not have any option but to complete the project once the deal is on.

What offer others are making?

Don’t overlook to check all the recent bids on that project and also go through the offers which bidders are making for project. It will help you to compare yourself with them and will help you in better way for making an offer. Try to be more specific than others when making offer.

Bidding Factor

In my opinion, it is your profile and reviews which decide how big a bid you should make. In case you have a profile with bunch of positive reviews, you are good to go for making a higher bid. So even if the client visits your profile he will not have any hesitation in accepting your proposal after reading recent reviews made on your work. However, if you are a newcomer to the site, and don’t have any or much reviews mentioned in your profile, you should make an average bid and make a promise of quality product. Try to be experienced and qualified person in your words as for yet your proposal statement is the only way of attracting the employer.

Keep checking the job post for recent updates and biddings

After making a bid on the project, bookmark the page and keep checking the job post frequently to know what bids and what else proposals are being posted by other bidders.

Won the Bid? Be humble while replaying back

If you have got yourself a deal, be humble while replying and assure the employer of delivering the quality product in expecting time. Ask for maximum raw and prepared content/ data which he can offer you. Remember, more the data you have, more it will be easy for you to get done with the project efficiently and in lesser time.

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