5 Common Challenges in Freelancing

by Saad Irfan

No denial, freelancing is fun and charismatic thing when it comes to initiate your carrier in it.  But as soon you get deeper and deeper into it and opt it as your prime source of earning, you begin to realize the hurdles and challenges of it one by one.

It’s been 3 years that I am working as a freelancer professionally and have experienced every kind of clients from all over the world, including the irritating ones and also, the good ones. While talking about good ones, I’m referring towards those clients who understand your proposal in first attempt and appreciate you. And while talking about irritating ones, I’m referring to those clients who never get satisfy and keep asking for more. Most of you freelancers might give them a title of “Client from Hell”.
Today I am about to discuss the Five most common challenges which almost every freelancer faces. I don’t expect a one side communication on this brand new site. So if you have anything to add in this article, you are most welcome to leave a comment and have your say.

Self Discipline

Having self discipline is main key to success in your freelancing carrier. The time management and every other regularity come into it. The basic difference in 9 to 5 regular job and freelancing is organization discipline and self discipline. In an organization, there is a boss to keep the discipline and there is always a thread, as soon you quit following these regulations you are out. However in freelancing, disciplines matter much more than it. Your clients’ reviews about your recent work are gateway to your next bigger projects, and for it you need to provide their projects within the fixed time in order to have healthy testimonials from them and self discipline is the only way of keeping yourself on the track.

Going Solo

Another challenge in freelancing is working all alone. Well it is recommended to hire an assistant to manage your finance and other tasks, weekly, in case you are earning more than 100 dollars a day. The biggest problem with working solo is not having any person on your back to cover your work in case you are having fever or any family emergency. Your clients might not want to hear any excuses from you once you are in the deal, and it might just effect your reputation online if you don’t deliver the project on the time. So the solution for it to have a social links with the people from same field, and when you see yourself in trouble and not seeing yourself getting done with project in the required time, forward the work to your any friend, and pay him/her if necessary.

Lack of Experience

Your client might not want to hear “no” from you on any task in the project assigned to you. And of course you will also not want to say “no”, no matter you have never did this task before or not sure how to get it done. Actually freelancing is not all about utilizing your practice from your previous work, it also about keep learning new things and preparing yourself for newer things in future projects. You should have spirit of accepting challenges and also have an attitude of “can do it”.

Shortage of Resources

That’s true; you can start your freelancing carrier with less than 1000 dollars. In start, all you might need is to have domain name and hosting account to host your portfolio site and a notebook or a simple desktop. But as soon the work load start getting increase and you have multiple things to do, such as designing, developing and content writing etc, you will start to hate your slow and cheap machines and will dream of a bigger one with heavy ram and bigger and multiple screens to do your work in less time. And of course, you will have to keep improving your workstation from time to time to save your time and to enjoy latest software updates. In freelancing, you are the only one of to take care of your financial needs including equipment expenses. However in offices, your organization will provide you the workstation and other required stuff to make it easy for you to complete the work in less time.

No Holidays

The best thing about 9 to 5 job is holidays with full wage. Means, you can enjoy your holidays without losing salary. But in freelancing, holiday means “no earning”. The most relieved moment for you can be the project submission and payment receiving moment.

:: As Published on CIETRO by Saad Irfan (Cietro’s blog has been closed and few of posts are getting re-published on TechCline)