What makes WordPress Most Reliable Blogging/CMS Platform?

by Saad Irfan

What makes the WordPress the most trustworthy and one of most famous Platform for placing your valuable content? Back in 2003 Matt Mullenweg introduced the world with a simple platform for blogging.

The time it was introduced, Google Blogger was the only reliable tool available on the web but it had and still has some limitations. Such as Blogger don’t provide self hosting facility and people love to have complete command on the playground they working on. However WordPress not only allows on-host WP hosting but also self hosting. Here we will be talking about Self Hosted WordPress. Unlike Blogger, WordPress provided the complete control over the code which encourages the developer bloggers to do more for it. In start it was also just another startup with big goals. But what made this Platform one of the best available platforms out there? we will discuss it here.

It’s Open Source

People love open source. They are easy to understand, manageable, secure, optimized for most of the systems, designed to keep improving and in case something goes wrong, patches and help is always on the way free of cost. The WordPress is purely built for the purpose of providing an ease for self publishing on the web, free of cost.

It is simple & User Friendly

It’s very simple how you make/edit/delete users and posts in your WordPress. The admin panel is user friendly and makes it easy for normal person to use it without any professional help. The Documents and Codex on WordPress official websites are designed very well and provide complete assistance on how to use it.

Highly Customizable

It is highly customizable and you can transform it on any platform you want. The wide range of Frameworks including Thesis, Genius, Catalyst etc make it easier to customize it on the go or add/integrate new features with the help of just few built-in function.

Quick Install and Ready to Go

The installation of WordPress doesn’t include any rocket science. You just need to have basic knowledge of FTP and Database. Even if you don’t have that knowledge you still can Google it and will come across hundreds of detailed articles describing and illustrating the WordPress installation method. Besides as it is one of the most popular platform out there, hundreds of web hosting providers “one click WordPress installed” facility. All you need to do is to request them, and they will do it on your behalf.

Improving all the time

Since its open source from very first day, it keeps improving, the feedback from the users and developers make it more improved. If you want to contribute for this great open source, you are always welcome to write for it. The first edition of WP with Plug-ins support was introduced in 2004 in Version 1.2 (Mingus). The updates didn’t stop rolling out and it was improved more and more in every new update.

Complete Command on your System

Once installed, you have complete command on the system. You have the access on everything you ever stored on it and best thing is even the source code is with you which allows you to make further changes you want.

The advance commenting system allows you to edit or block unwanted comments in just few clicks. Another exciting part is, you can customize it for search engine optimization with pre-defined or your own methods.

It’s more than just a Blogging Platform

Willing to use it as CMS, E-commerce, or Portfolio Showcasing? You got it. The after plug-ins and widgets will help you to transform your WordPress into anything you want. In start it was just introduced as personal publishing system to encourage bloggers to own their platform and do more with less, but latter the contribution of some amazing developers made it more than a blogging platform and in result now it can be used as CMS, showcasing Portfolio, Video or Picture Gallery, Corporate Site or even Online Store (with the help of e-commerce plug-ins).

Help is always just few Clicks away

The WordPress not only have professional developer users only but also the users with no code experience. To provide support to such normal users, WP official website is also running support communities where top notch developers also contribute by giving answers to the problems.

The crazy range of Plug-ins and Themes

The most exciting part of WordPress is the huge collection of Plugins and Themes. The official gallery on WordPress site showcases the high quality themes designed by passionate designers including some of world famous designers. And most of them are free of cost; however there are hundreds of design studios providing high quality premium paid themes according to the needs of the users.

Highly integrate able

Unlike other platforms, WordPress is quite integrating with other codes. The developers can customize or integrate it with their other networks. Such as many big news companies are running their News Website built in core PPH but News Blog running on WordPress, and they have integrated them seamlessly. Since its open source, so it allows all kind of plug-in development including Site Traffic Tracking, Spam Protection, Video Gallery and other Plugins.

The Future

The world is moving fast towards micro-blogging but still WordPress has managed to keep its place stable as the need of publishing detailed articles never going to end. Today almost every tenth site is running on WordPress platform, and it is only because of its reliability. Developers are still looking its future bright and still prefer to work for WP development instead of going for some other platform development.