How to plan a Successful Blog Startup

by Saad Irfan

Before getting start with my site CIETRO I asked myself lot of questions, like how to launch it appropriately and in a successive approach. My experiences with my preceding sites were not truly that good monetarily but I also accept my social media mistakes, and of course I had to learn a lot from those mistakes. There are thousands of blogs getting start every day but not all of them get success and most of them get fail on their way to success in the beginning.  The most common cause of getting not succeeded is unplanned launching. Here I have tried to point out few factors to consider for having a successful blog startup.

Got an idea? Stick to it

The basic thing you need about blogging is an idea. Yes an idea is gateway to everything. Got an idea? You think you can write on it? Good, get start, and stick to it. Don’t poke your nose in other unrelated topics, as you might not be able to cover them in proper way as you should be or your audience expect from you.

Utilize available sources

If you already having a site running, place an introductory banner or link to your new Blog on the sidebar or footer of that site. It will introduce your URL to spiders, as your old site might already have lots of spiders visiting your site every day. And trust me; spiders are really good in catching new URLs by sliding from one link to other link, because that is what they are programmed to do.

If you are a guest writer at any blog or site, use that URL in author bio. You should also ask to that site admin for little help in social media promotion. If he is kind enough to help you out, request him to suggest your FaceBook Fan Page to his fans.

Know your Audience

What kind of audience you are expecting on your site, as suggested by your site name and slogan? Give value to readers. By value I mean, don’t be mean when designing site layout. Your focus should be only to attract readers not to start earning money from first day by placing lots of advertisements on top and bottom of article. Be patient, and let your blog earn a name, and once the traffic is increased, you are good to put some ads on site and earn some bucks.


No doubt, Brand designing is truly important to grasp the attention on social media. An attractive logo on your blog and FaceBook fan page will increase the odds of fan chasing. Your logo stays with you from first day and the more it get spread on internet, more brand promotion you get.

Planning SEO & SEM Strategy

No problem if you don’t have any SEO or SEM specialist in your team. When the term blogging comes in mind, the name WordPress also rings the bell, as it is a most common blogging platform and available with variety of plug-ins, including plug-ins for search engine optimization. Help yourself with a SEO plug-in. You can find yourself free and pro versions both, depending on your needs and budget.  Don’t just adopt random URL structure, but decide and adopt according to your topics. If you are planning to publish articles on daily bases, use the permalink which includes date, month and year of published article. If you are planning to run blog magazine or not sure about publishing ratio, use the permalink with a category name in it. I will not get deeper in too much detail about how to set these permalink, just want keep it short. But mark my one suggestion. Don’t alter the URL structure again and again as it will cause to lose heavy amount of traffic from outer links. Read my article on Aext magazine about SEO Strategy.

Be patient

Being patient about hard work is a wise thing. Don’t rush to judge the outcome of your hard work. For any new URL it takes time to get a good Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank. Keep adding features and channels to increase more and more possible ways of increasing traffic, but by fair means only. Don’t do anything stupid or don’t practice any unfair (blackhat) means that you end-up with getting black listed your URL by Google.

One thing more, in case you are planning to utilize the domain which was already registered to any person in past. Do check the history of that domain to avoid any trouble.

:: As Published on CIETRO by Saad Irfan (Cietro’s blog has been closed and few of posts are getting re-published on TechCline)