Indian Govt to get partial access to BlackBerry data

by Saad Irfan

UAE was the first to propose a ban on BlackBerry devices, but latter countries including Algeria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also pushed the RIM to provide access to its encrypted Services. However, the ban in Saudi Arabia which was supposed to implement on 6th of august has been postponed due to somewhat success in Government and RIM talks.

The Indian Government was also seeking for access to BlackBerry’s enterprise server and Messenger conversations. The government raised the point that the mobile communications are increasingly being used by terrorists, and BlackBerry services are encrypted and messaging is unable to track. Now, The RIM will reportedly give limited access to Indian Government to Blackberry messaging by September 1st, while complete access by year end, reported Reuters citing Indian government officials.

According to an article published on, Some 1 million of RIM’s 41 million customers live in India, where upcoming 3G network rollout is expected to boost Smartphone growth. Research in Motion faces an Aug. 31 deadline to give authorities the means to track and read BlackBerry Enterprise Email and its separate BlackBerry Messenger service.