Brand Building through Web Design

by Saad Irfan

What makes a person a good designer? Having a good taste in colors and playing with them or making the useless picture into an appealing advertising stuff is an art, and this talent comes naturally. You can coach a person, how to have a great command on designing tools, and how to use brushes, but can’t edify a person how to express your emotions or message into graphics, as it is up to a person who is sketching the picture. If one hates yellow color, a designer can make same color notable for that person, because a true designer knows how to turn colors into an appealing looks along its shades.

Now coming back to our original conversation, we will discuss several simple and easy way of handling brand designing along your web designing project or in other words how to establish as healthy brand with the power of website design. If you a freelance web designer, you may receive those offers in which you will be asked for doing logo and other essential designing as well for company, along web designing. Well lucky you, because in this case you can perk up up your talent and make your portfolio more striking. Who don’t want to have extra credits? But in some cases, most of the web designers get nervous with such offers, as they consider themselves a web designer only. If you think you are good with playing colors and can design a beautiful website, it means you can do logo and other essential designing as well for company, or if your web design is impressive, it can make company’s brand more attractive. Other essentials includes designing visiting cards, notepad covers design and even desktop wallpapers.

Getting Start

If you think, you can’t satisfy client, without even trying, you are totally wrong. You can send few samples at least, and let the client decide, weather he wants you or not. =).

Before getting start with logo, you should understand the logo importance. It’s entirely different from designing any picture etc. in logo designing; you have some limitation, and rules to follow, about color selection, character or symbol in logo and font. These all things make emotional effects on viewer. Always select such color, which don’t make boring or irritating effect. Avoid using sharp colors, and so much thin fonts. If character needed to be used in logo, make it simple and easy to understand, and also easy to re-draw as company might need to place their logo in so many places. Also remember, character should clear convey message, no matter in which size it is being display.

Character’s presence in logo makes a solid effect as it reveals the nature of the company. Character should bring smile to the viewer face, instead of conveying a sad or anger impression.

Font selection is very time taking step, as first you need to find out the client’s favorite font, and in case you find that font not suitable, you have to convince the client by showing famous brands’ logos. Obviously, there is no restriction in font selection, but much funky, very thin and italic font should be avoided as they don’t appear to be eye-catching.

Send few logo samples and suggest some colors

Best way of getting start is studying the company’s competitor’s sites and schemes which they are using. Once done with that, think which color pattern will suits company’s profile. Don’t decide only one theme, but design two or three themes.

Design bunch of logos, in different fonts with different idea and colors. Use wide range of different fonts, both sophisticated and funky ones. Don’t waste much time on logos, because once the color and font is decided by client, you can improve the logo. The actual reason of sending sample was to know the client’s taste only. Once you got the idea of liking and disliking of the client, you will do well.

Color patterns in Site Designing

After getting done with logo designing, suggest some colors to the client, which suits its company. You are designer with wide knowledge of colors, and you know very well what colors suits well, and where. Send your client few patterns of colors and let him decide what suites him well. Color matching between site and logo is very important as it improves the company’s brand power. In some places alternative colors can be chosen, but again, they should have some likeness with original logo colors.

In case you are working on new born company, you need to spend some extra time in content writing as well, as it also plays important role in brand development. Since the company is new, so the site’s front page should clearly tells what does the company do.

These tips might not be helpful in every case, but still supportive for small level websites.