SEO: Site speed matters in Google Search Rankings

by Saad Irfan

Google has announced that site speed is now a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, and is already in action for results. From last November, Google was expected to think of this policy, but today Google has officially announced it on its blog. This new principle is not slanted much, and only 1% of total results are affected in early execution.

Everybody loves fast browsing and more accurate search results, when surfing internet. This new policy might be really helpful for good webmasters as they plan very well for smooth speed policy for better user experience. However some of sites with low quality materials and massive advertising slot which causes slow speed, going to suffer.

Speed factor will help making internet faster, as now every webmaster has to consider speed factor also for attaining good ranking. So if you are a site owner and running a site with lots of Plug-ins and widgets linked to external networks. It is time for you to re-consider your site structure, if you are willing to attain good rank in Google search.

Google implemented this policy couple of weeks before after lot of practice, and changes in search results ranking can be observed. Also, it is not imperative, that all the sites may face changes in search ranking, if they are already going well with quality content and good speed. Google has also suggested some of speed testing tools, to enable site owners to test site speed.

You might need to have Mozilla Firefox installed on your system to run these tests, but these are worthy to try.

Page Speed

YSlow – From Yahoo!