Gmail marked its 6th birthday

by Saad Irfan

Gmail, the one of most popular email service on internet has just marked its 6th birthday. Gmail in actual is more than email service as it provides lots of other features which other don’t. Gmail was started 6 year back at the 1st April 2004 with beta version, and only can be joined by email invitation from Gmail users. Reason of it was to keep the service spam free, and it’s true, Gmail is one of most powerful spam free email service on internet.Gmail is not just limited to simple emailing, it also provides the modern emailing facilities with mobile emailing applications, https secure connection, and more than 7 GB of space to store email archive, ability to customize Theme according to the mood and Quick and clean web based chat system. After the successful entry of Google Buzz and its integration with Gmail, it again became the centre of attention through the posts of web publishers. Today Gmail is primary choice of the most of developers and small and big companies as they can enjoy Gmail services with same facilities for their own hosted domains as well.