Now Experience WordPress on iPad

by Saad Irfan

As expected, with the availability of iPad in Market the stream of applications launching has been started and new and new things are lining up. That’s right guys, WordPress for iPad is available. It’s actually WordPress 2.4 for iPhone but compatible to iPad as well as its first edition. In the first version of WordPress for iPad, WordPress didn’t add up anything specific but you can enjoy all features on iPad’s big screen which you were able to enjoy on WordPress 2.3 for iPhone.

Unfortunately I could not review WordPress on iPad personally, but I believe WordPress on iPad will give an awesome experience because of its large on-screen keyboard which will made posting, editing, moderation very easy. Properly it will be the first application for me to run when I get my hands on iPad.

The releasing of WordPress on iPad will initiate entire new dialogue of WordPress future as iPad can be an ideal touch screen device for WordPress blogging.

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