A first look on WordPress 3.0 Beta

by Saad Irfan

WordPress 3.0 beta is here to testing, the core purpose of giving out the early version of it to have reviews from the users. This update has come up with lot of innovative features which will help WordPress to survive longer as compare to other Blogging Platform. After the installation you will see the same interface with some minor changes in default dashboard and main site.

At WordCamp held in July, The founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg told that WordPress and WordPress MU will merge soon, which has just happened in the latest update. The new version is superior from many aspects, such as it gives users more customizing abilities. Just couple of weeks before, Blogger introduced Blogger Template Designer which enables the users to design and customize the blog on the fly. WordPress has also introduced theme customization feature from the dashboard. Such as user can upload and replace the header image file.

Features for Importing and exporting the posts have also enhanced a lot. Before downloading export file user will be asked to manage the posts in more suitable way, so is the importing feature asks for managing posts or name them to other user.

In earlier versions, during the installation WordPress assigns the default password with lot of strings which can be lost easily if you don’t change it instantly after the installation. However in newer version, WordPress asks you to enter Password during the installation.

These snapshots are from WordPress 3.0 beta, on the other hand the original version will might be slight dissimilar.