5 Facebook Tips for Web Nerds

by Saad Irfan

If you are a blogger or any site owner, you must be having a Facebook Profile as well along a Fan Page on Facebook. Keeping your Facebook identity useful for increasing contacts and gaining more site traffic through Fan Page is what every person like you wants. However keeping your privacy is also what matters. In this article we will discuss some of tips and mistakes which we most of us do make on Facebook.

Socialize more

Remember one think, when someone joins any social network especially Facebook, he/she mean to be more socializing with people. That’s why people follows and pay attention to more socialized peoples. As a blogger, you might have tense schedule which don’t let you to have time to reply to comments on your Fan page or personal profile. But also consider that, people hate attitude and will comment back only if you appreciate or reply back to their comments. As long you reply to all messages, you will keep receiving more messages.

Your Personal Profile and Fan Page

No denial, personal profile is entirely diverse thing and can’t take place of Fan Page. But personal profiles also help you to gain traffic. If you are having good number of friends, and most of them are active, people will love to click on your shared links. Be bold in front of your friends and ask them to join or contribute towards your social fan page by sharing your post’s link on their profiles. These are the things which you can do on Personal profile, but might be not able to do on Fan Page as you have to present yourself as a bit Professional also.

Categorize your Contacts

The best thing which only Facebook provides is to manage privacy settings. People can manage their Status Updates and other contents with extreme privacy settings. By categorizing your family, friends and Business Followers, you can keep your profile more cleanly and you wouldn’t need to have a separate account for family and friends.

Sharing your Posts or Notes

One of the biggest mistakes some people do is they state complete post on the Facebook Notes or share the simple title with no link back to article. This mistake decrease the site traffic in actual, as user will read the whole post on Facebook Notes and will not come to your site.

Managing your Fan Page

Don’t be so mean; share other useful resources’ links as well on your fan page if those are from same interests or topics. Of course, if the post is good, no matter it’s on some other site, people will comment on it on your fan page on or will thank you.

The best and simple way of updating your Fan Page is to attach the link of the post, and leave a message to fans in status update dialogue box. And ask your friends to leave comments also when they are done with reading your article. Also share you’re that Facebook post on your personal profile’s wall via your fan page.