10 Quick Tips for Oral Presentation

by Saad Irfan

In this article, we will cover some few quick tips for a normal oral presentation which might be helpful to you in case you consider Oral Presentation as a tricky chore.

Take a Deep Breath:

Once you are standing in front of People, you are in limelight and you might forget most of your planned parts. Take a deep breath once get on the stage or dice.

Little Introduction helps:

“Good evening everyone.  I’m Saad, and I am the founder of TechCline and currently working as the Admin. I will be giving you a little demonstration on what I have recently developed.”

In the previous introductory lines, the speaker has mentioned his profile. Your introduction makes you more valued for listeners.

Getting Nervous?

When you are done with your introduction, silence is what you might be hearing from audience side. And in most of cases, speakers get nervous and lose control. Overcoming this situation is an art, and need confidence only. Think about it as your own time, as people are really interested to listen to you. So thinking, you know more, is not a bad idea. If situation is valid, crack a sophisticated joke to get more attract and frank with audience.

Grab a One Page Note with you:

Having One Page Note containing outline of your topic is the best idea. Grab this note in your hand and avoid keep staring it. Use it only, when you really need it. Design this one page note according to your needs, and don’t forget to use large font for all the text and underline the specific terms, so you can keep the track of our presentation.

Using Projector or Blackboard:

Narrating your financial expenditures and other charts is not possible without graphical representation. Use projector on background to run a graphical chart to display facts and figures. If possible describe the specific terms with which, most of the audience might be not familiar much. In case you are not facilitated with a projector, use a blackboard etc to display rough sketch. Move towards the blackboard while talking, and sketch a graph or write figures on board with marker.

Body Language:

Your body language shows your confidence level, and people expect you to be a confident person if you are addressing them.  Don’t reveal symptoms of being nervous, by walking here and there, keeping hands in pockets, abruptly changing the topic, and doing cluttering, or staring at your One Page Note.   Keeping your voice modest is very important and don’t get emotional or aggressive on any formal topic.

Eye Contact:

While talking to people, keep eye contact with all of the audience. Avoid watching just one person, or staring to the floor. Start from left or right and slowly move your eyes to other side of the hall by making sure, people think your eyes have gone through everyone of them. This is an art, watching in the eyes of the audience is very important to make them realize about the importance of your topic. If you are unable to make eye contact, just pretend.

Tick Tock, Time is running:

Time runs very fast, if you are doing well. So make sure you are doing well with conveying your speech also. Leave the last 30 seconds for winding up your conversation.

Proper Ending:

These are last moments of your presentation. And people might forget everything about your presentation if you don’t finish it up properly and captivatingly. Leave the audience with some interesting facts and also make sure you have mentioned clearly, for what you were here and you didn’t miss anything important.

Thank you:

“Ok it’s time for me to leave. Thank you all of you, and have a nice evening. Cheers.”

When you are done, say Thank you and ask for questions if there is a room for question and answer session.

Giving an oral presentation is not that difficult, you just have to be confident about what you saying and carry on with your story. Dressing yourself according to the occasion also matters as your clothing can leave a good impression.