YouTube has introduced new design

by Saad Irfan

YouTube has just changed its design for video viewing page. The new look is not visible to every user yet, but some people are enjoying it already. The new design is expected to be online for all users in next couple of hours as YouTube has confirmed it to make it accessible for all users. This is one of major re-design on YouTube ever happened.

From the start of the year, so many new designs have rolled out by internet giant companies. Such as, first MSN came up with new design, then blogger got update for improving its look and just a day before; Twitter has introduced new home page, and now YouTube has came up with new design. This design is expected to be under test from long, and today YouTube has decided to make it out. New design is primarily to focus on developing people interest and making design more efficient than ever before. Navigation to related posts has also got major update, and keeps the user on the site as user will find related post on same page.

YouTube is one of most visiting site on internet, and on 3rd rank of Alexa. Vimeo is the one of main rival of it, which is getting popular day by day because of its cool look.