Blogger Template Designer; design your Blog within minutes

by Saad Irfan

If we say Google’s Blogger was the one who set the trend of blogging, it will be correct. Latter on lots of blogging tools came and replaced it and got people attraction as they were easy to customize and Open source. Actually people love to have customization facilities in their websites and tools. That’s why WordPress capture the all attention, and Google’s Blogger didn’t take any significant steps for customization. Sooner or later the charm get fades if you don’t keep it interesting, because this is web and trends are making their way in and out again and again.

Finally Blogger have realized the sensitivity of its survival and took one major step to make its Platform interesting and I bet, it gonna push WordPress as well to strike back with something big. But people love WordPress more than any platform and its open source so developers will come up with something new on their own. There is hell of development going on in the World of WordPress. Anyway let’s move on our actual topic, which is Blogger’s new Powerful template designer.

According to Google’s Official blog, this template designer will let the users tailor the blog with following feature

  • Fifteen new professional templates to start from (and more on their way)
  • Custom blog layouts with one, two and three columns
  • Hundreds of free professional background images from iStockphoto, the leading microstock image marketplace
  • Customizable colors, fonts and more

Personally I think this will be helpful for existing Blogger’s users only to stick around and can’t attract WordPress users. Check the video given below how easy it is to “Express Yourself” with Blogger