Android Fringsters, Fring is here with new look and lot more

by Staff Writer

Fring is one of most popular application nowadays, because it provides lots of features in just one application such as user can sign in to his/her Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, Skype etc, at the same time. And after its 1st mobile internet video call it made more people to test its application. If you are Android user and using Fring with your device, you might be aware, few months before Fring launched its 1st Android version with the world’s 1st ever Skype VoIP call, but the updated version includes lot more.

Brand New Look for buddy list (list also shows friend’s picture and mood line), profile screen and long probable dialer to make it more easy to get connect.  Personalizing account really matters and making it easy is what Fring did this time. With dialer screen user can dial number even when the call is in progress. With new version you can:

  • Personalize your Profile
  • Upload a Picture
  • Edit your Mood
  • Edit Email Address and Phone Number

Fring also claimed that the team had improved the voice quality for better communication service. If you are Android Fringster, do share your reviews in comments

To Download New version, click here

These snapshots were copied from Fring blog

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