Value of WordPress in your Project’s News section or Blog

by Staff Writer

wordpress plus your code

Customizing any open source application is really fun if you are good with playing in strings and plug-ins, same is in WordPress, which is an open source and available with thousands of free themes and plugins on internet. If you are interested then you can design on your own just after some research, depends on your code writing skills. But help is always there on internet from hundreds of developers who give away useful hints and scripts to make web better.

Now I am going to talk about implementing WordPress in your website, which not only going to help you a lot in news section’s updates but also will save your time. WordPress is famous for its reliable interface and customization. And its developers says “Code is Poetry”, which means they have tried their best to make it easy to edit and customize according to your need.

Let’s talk about in case you are having a simple site project which offers every normal thing which any dynamic site have, like Home Page which can be editable, Contact Page, which cannot only be editable but also should be able to send visitor’s email through form. However news section and blog for company updates are pretty same, so using WordPress with your own made theme or any other pre-made theme will save not only your time, but will make also ease for your client to upload any article or news update in no time.

Powerful spam protection such as “WP-Spam Free by Scott Allen” is here to filter spams and will keep your inbox clean, then with plug-ins like wordpress stats and twitter gadgets will link your all social account into one site.

In my upcoming articles I will try my best to review some very useful plugins and themes.

Some of developers like me thinks that using open source application is not that interesting if you can design one for your own. Its ok, if any of developer thinks that he/she is mature enough to develop any application, then go for it, because it will improve your code writing skills, and will help you to understand the nature of open source applications as well. But by customizing any open source applications, it will improve your own code writing power more and more.