Location-based ads get ban from Apple for iPhone Apps

by Saad Irfan

Apple has warned application developers that in case their application uses location information to let advertisers to targets ads on users location. Such application will be revisit to developer for amendment before it get place on App store by App Store review team.

Targeting ads for user through application is finest approach and developers can mark more accurately when it comes to location base advertising and applications have your location information.  Millions of users use applications to find their destiny, hotels and ATMs nearby. And these applications really assist a lot. But such applications not only help you but also to its developer. Because once application got your location info it can target you with more specific ads on your device.

As we see the majority of applications available on App Store are free, but somehow most of them make you to pay them after some period of time when it comes to upgrade that application or to renew it. But some got their own way to earn money, which is using users’ personal information such as location.

Now let’s talk about the possibility why Apple warned the developers. It might be possible that Apple is taking serious steps for protecting users’ privacy. However some also said it is also possible that there is something cooking inside company, like maybe Apple is busy in developing its own ads delivery system and to stay out of competition it is making new regulations.