Twitter to re-consider its security policy

by Staff Writer

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Twitter is a basically micro-blogging site which allows its users to read and send simple text messages containing 140 characters maximum known as tweets on its network. User can also operate his/her account through sms updates which is one of main reason that twitter is having millions of fans. Twitter is a quick way for lot of people and Business Company to update their status in no time. Twitter was basically developed by Jack Dorsey back in 2006, and now it’s have been nominated as one of top sites in 50 most popular sites in world. The site believes to have more than 55 million visitors monthly.

Yet its process 1 million to 1.5 million tweets in just one hour, but now company is expecting more for upcoming 2010. The company believes that that their might several billion tweets for every single hour, which is of course big jump.  Since Twitter helps lot of people to carry their voices as well, so because of that its security was also major problem ever since it was created, as accounts of Britney Spears, Barack Obama, Rick Sanchez, or Fox New were also compromised on twitter. Since its creation, their happened lots of successful attacks on various twitter accounts. But most of them were basically because of weak user passwords as well.

According to a research 3.5% of the people use their first name as their password which makes the biggest risk for them. However some peoples only relays on simple words for their password which can be easy to crack, such as “1234abcd”, etc.  So to avoid this thing twitter has re-considered its security policy for setting passwords. According to that policy, twitter has fixed nearly 370 words in its basic sign-up form which will not be allowed to set as password. Of course that a good thing. And twitter has also improved its password strength algorithm which means a lot. This algorithm is more mature than before to prevent simple and easy to crack password’s keywords.  And in addition to common words the black listed password keywords also contains famous names of characters’ name and famous tv shows names etc.  

It is not clear till yet what the policy of existing users is, and will twitter force them to change their access codes or not. 

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