How much your site’s design matters?

by Staff Writer

Every time when we google something, thousands of different websites comes in front of us with different styles, themes, icons, color pattern and other effects. But not of every of them got attraction as some of them do. Sometimes we skip the site and don’t even view it completely to find what we have been looking for because we find the site them so dull and sometimes disturbing.

Some visitors’ thinks, if the design can’t be appropriate then how could be data in it, if it is really giving our meant article. In fact sometimes, some of those sites really do give valid information. But people ignore the pages because of boring view or damage structure. As a developer I always kept myself working on my own made site analytic tools, in start I was quite bad with designing stuff, so that time I used to come people my site but most of them used to leave the page within 5 seconds. Means they didn’t even read the article or try to look for their stuff. However the log showed they were really looking for the stuff which I have given on my page.

Well that things kept improving as I keep myself busy in improving my designs and people use to stay on my site for long time when they comes through any search engine. Now the factor which we to discuss is, what exactly is main points which a developers should keep in mind if they are not good with designing but wants to develop and design the site on their own.

Chose the pattern of colors when working with colors for designing the site, if you think you are not good with designing color patterns, download any free template or visit any site which can give you such things. I recommend you to visit site. This site gives the lovely color palettes idea.

Keep yourself strict while giving colors to headings, paragraphs, quotes, comments or anything. Don’t use any color out of pre made color palettes.

Always make sure, the visitor can understand the difference between headings, paragraph, comments and its posting date. You can do it easily by keeping the heading size big and bold. Also make sure the post date and time are smaller than paragraph’s font or dull in color like grey in color. And keep the date and time above or below the heading, which is also recommended as a tip for search engine optimization. Keep the visitor inform about recent updates by calling them from database on a side bar or on footer especially in case you are running any blog, search engine’s robot find it very useful to cover all site.

If you are not aware of site mapping system, take help from others site. Just google site mapping term and you will have so much help in it. Remember by viewing other’s sites and portals, you will be having lot of ideas for your site to implement, so research on other sites as much as you can. Still if think you can’t figure out any cool design for your site; don’t give up, use pre made free layouts and web templates for your first design. By editing them, you will learn lot of basics.