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An Ultimate CSS Boilerplate for Your Next Responsive Design

Designing your next website? Is it future ready? Designing a responsive web design isn’t a rocket science and retina images shouldn’t scare you if you know your CSS.

Here I’m sharing a simple CSS boilerplate from my library that I pretty much use every time for my responsive web design projects. Thanks to the CSS media queries, now you can target the mobile and tablet devices just by simple media queries.

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5 Common Challenges in Freelancing

No denial, freelancing is fun and charismatic thing when it comes to initiate your carrier in it.  But as soon you get deeper and deeper into it and opt it as your prime source of earning, you begin to realize the hurdles and challenges of it one by one. Read more »

The Art of Hunting Projects via Job Boards

The number of sites showcasing freelance job boards is getting enhance with pace and it’s almost impossible to maintain a profile on every single famous job board site. The sites including Elance, Freelancer,Odesk, GetACoder, RentACoder among others are still on the top and showcasing wide variety of projects. Hunting a project on such sites is always a difficult and sometimes a disappointing task for new comers, as they are not familiar with hunting art. Read more »

[RUMOR] Should Microsoft buy Nokia Mobile Unit?

Yesterday a blog post by Russian blogger Edlar Murtazin broke the news of Microsoft’s interest in the buying Nokia’s mobile unit. The story is still just a rumor and couldn’t be verified by Nokia or Microsoft Officials.  Also keep in mind, Edlar has the history of strong predictions about Nokia and its business deals, like he predicted about the Nokia and Microsoft windows platform deal way back. Read more »

What makes WordPress Most Reliable Blogging/CMS Platform?

What makes the WordPress the most trustworthy and one of most famous Platform for placing your valuable content? Back in 2003 Matt Mullenweg introduced the world with a simple platform for blogging. Read more »

Guide: How to Switch Web Hosting

The downtime and slow response time of the site always lead the web site owners into enormous troubles including financial hammering and brand repute also get disturbed because of it. Choosing a reliable and uptime promising service is what you need for your business. In case you are sick of the site downtime causing by your hosting provider, you always have the option to move to some other service provider without losing your online identity. The server migration is bit tricky and requires time to get done. In this article I have mentioned few steps to help you understand the migration procedure.

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How to plan a Successful Blog Startup

Before getting start with my site CIETRO I asked myself lot of questions, like how to launch it appropriately and in a successive approach. My experiences with my preceding sites were not truly that good monetarily but I also accept my social media mistakes, and of course I had to learn a lot from those mistakes. There are thousands of blogs getting start every day but not all of them get success and most of them get fail on their way to success in the beginning.  The most common cause of getting not succeeded is unplanned launching. Here I have tried to point out few factors to consider for having a successful blog startup. Read more »

Tips for Successful Blogging

Guide: How to make custom Ringtone for iPhone

There are thousands of sites out there offering free mp3 ringtones for your mobile phones, and those are pretty easy to install on the phone. All you need is to plug your phone to computer or connect to internet to download the ringtone. But iPhone doesn’t allow you to enjoy custom ringtones with such ease. As the matter of fact, the default ringtones for iPhone are not even cool enough as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and others do offers. Read more »

Google acquires Visual Shopping Search Engine Like.com

According to the official post published on Like.com, The Company has been acquired by the Google. Like.com is a visual search and price comparison engine, and was launched in 2006 by the founder of Riya; Mujal Shah.

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